So the theme this year is CLASS, what springs to mind?  Obviously a class at school or college but also for me I think of class as in status, maybe because I am old I think of that!  Please do not answer that as I am so far having a good day. lol  I am sure you will think of many more ideas.

All entries must relate to the theme for this year’s Competition: CLASS.

All entries must be submitted by midnight on Sunday 19th July 2015.

Entrants must read the Competition Rules before submitting their story/stories.

I have added the children’s competition for handwriting, I am afraid this is just for local children and schools of Shepway.


This is a Handwriting Competition open to primary school children within Shepway – and has winners’ prizes worth £100, kindly sponsored by Rodica Wheeler.

This competition was the idea of Reg Turnill, a former BBC Space correspondent who lived in Sandgate.  He believed in the power of the pen and the importance of the creative link between hand and brain – and wanted to encourage literacy in the local community.

This year, entrants are asked to hand write “Hay for the Horses” by Gary Snyder (see the text below), and are encouraged to embellish the first letter of the first line. The poem was chosen because it ties in with the theme of our main short story competition (Class).

The results will be announced on Monday 21st September, H G Wells’s birthday.
He had driven half the night
From far down San Joaquin
Through Mariposa, up the
Dangerous mountain roads,
And pulled in at eight a.m.
With his big truckload of hay
behind the barn.
With winch and ropes and hooks
We stacked the bales up clean
To splintery redwood rafters
High in the dark, flecks of alfalfa
Whirling through shingle-cracks of light,
Itch of haydust in the
sweaty shirt and shoes.
At lunchtime under Black oak
Out in the hot corral,
– The old mare nosing lunchpails,
Grasshoppers crackling in the weeds –
“I’m sixty-eight,” he said,
“I first bucked hay when I was seventeen.
I thought, that day that I started,
I sure would hate to do this all my life.
And dammit, that’s just what
I’ve gone and done.”
– Gary Snyder (U.S., 1930-)

The three specially commended hand written poems will be published in this year’s anthology of short-listed short story entries. The winners will be presented with their book token prizes at our main Awards Ceremony on Sunday 29th November at The Grand, Folkestone.

For more information about any of our events, email hgwellscompetition@gmail.com or connect with us on our Facebook page.


There are two workshops already and both look very good so I will definitely be going and will blog about them to let you all know how wonderful they were.

Saturday 2 May 2015: Workshop led by author Stewart Ross.


Prizewinning author and Creative Writing tutor Stewart Ross is offering this free workshop and Q&A session for all – especially those planning to enter our HG Wells Short Story Competition this year.

Venue: The Grand Hotel, The Leas, Folkestone
Date: Saturday 2 May 2015
Time: 10a.m.-12p.m.
Free to attend r.s.v.p. hgwellscompetition@gmail.com
Parking outside
Refreshments available

About Stewart

With over 270 published titles to his credit, Stewart is now one of Britain’s most popular and versatile authors. His output includes prize-winning books for younger readers, novels, plays, three librettos, a musical, and many widely acclaimed works on history and sport. Several of his books are illustrated with his own photographs. When not writing, he lectures in France and the UK, gives talks, runs workshops and visits schools. He is also an occasional journalist and broadcaster.

Saturday 16 May 2015: Workshop led by author Danny Rhodes


Author and Creative Writing tutor Danny Rhodes will focus on generating ideas and developing them into fully fledged stories perfect for Horror/Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction markets.

Venue: The Beaney, Canterbury
Date: Saturday 16 May 2015
Time: 2-4 p.m.
Free to attend, r.s.v.p. hgwellscompetition@gmail.com

About Danny

After a number of his short stories appeared in magazines on both sides of the Atlantic Danny’s debut novel, Asboville, was published in October 2006. Well received by critics it was selected as a Waterstones Booksellers Paperback of the Year. His second novel, Soldier Boy, was published in February 2009. Fan (April 2014) is his latest novel. A semi-autobiographical tale, it tells the story of John Finch, a witness of the Hillsborough disaster. Danny continues to publish short stories in a variety of genres, most recently in Black Static, Horror Library, Crimewave and The Fiction Desk. A new story will appear in a future issue of Cemetery Dance, the world’s leading Horror magazine.

Hope to see some of my local followers. x



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