Oh my, how I wish this was available when my kids were little, this is absolutely amazing! If you need a new clock then this is the one for you, it does everything you would need in a clock plus it shakes.

The instructions are really clear and easy to follow so that was the first big plus for this amazing little gadget. Which is small so will fit on the tiniest shelf by your bed, then the lead reaches to your pillow so you can put the shaker under that, so you are literally shaken awake or leave it by the clock and it will shake away on the side.

The alarm can be set low or high but what I really loved was the round ‘shaker’ it would almost shake you out of bed, well maybe that is a small exaggeration but it really does move a lot. So with the highest noise alarm and shake this would absolutely wake even the soundest sleeper.  There will be no more sleeping through the alarm and being late with this little beauty.


The button on the top is big enough that you will be able to find it in the dark, you can also set how long you want the snooze to wait till it tells you again. No wonder it is called Dynamite as it is small and mighty and almost as loud as dynamite. Get this on your list now as it will make a great present for those sleepy people that never hear their alarms.  I give this a good ten out of ten plus my recommendation, I love it.


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