I think this was made into a film beautifully as nothing important was left out and it still made you cry. I did read the book first but it did not spoil anything for me, the writing just gets right in to you so you just carry on reading, I could not put it down.

I have now read the next two books which are just as good and very moving but in a different way. Nothing will be as sad as losing him but she found her wings after him and her own adventures. I thought the best bit in the film was when he gave her the bumble bee tights for her birthday, it was so girly but really great and made her so happy and that’s where men sometimes fall down it’s not the diamonds we like it’s the little thoughtful things that keep you wanting and loving them.

Once you have read all three you want the next film to be made as I think it would be really good to have a follow on as lets face it, there is nothing normal about Lou and it would be so good to see what she does with her life. I wonder if there will be a book four?





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