WOW 25 years, sometimes it’s hard to remember back when there were no mobiles.  The world is changing so much and not all good but I guess you have to take the good with the bad.
I must admit I do think our mobiles are good for letting people know you are ok or safe, or if you breakdown, I suppose for all emergency events.  I have got to admit it does get on my nerves if you are with someone and they have forever got their eyes on the phone as it bleeps or what ever noise you have it doing. Should I now tell you that I have got a christmas ring and text tone, just getting a bit of christmas spirit lol.
I love the way some of the old stuff is popular again now, such as record players and I am so pleased that I kept all my records. I like that we take loads more photos now and of course I could not do without my Ipad or Mac.  The coffee machines are great but I have now gone on to one that you put the coffee in yourself as all the pods and plastic are destroying our world, hurting the animals and just not decomposing.
We just use far too much plastic, we have to stop before it destroys so many things on our planet.  The picture above brings it all home how long things take to break down.
Microwaves are brilliant and washing machines are so much better than an old twin-tub.
What do you think are good inventions?
What could you do without?


What do you think?

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