I wasn’t going to write about this as I figure the press is doing a good job of scaring everyone!

But I am very confused about the toilet roll situation why on earth out of all the things you could panic buy, the obvious being bread, milk and tins are people going mad buying toilet rolls, you don’t get bad stomachs from this virus. Has the world gone mad or am I mad for not knowing the obvious? In case you are wondering I already had some toilet roll so did not need to buy any and the milkman brings my milk so I am sorted. The positive to take from this is that if we run out of stuff we may lose weight.

I am also having trouble understanding why some people went into work after coming back from Italy, it would have been common sense to stay at home to work just in case you did pick it up. In fact, I wouldn’t have gone there in the first place.

I think if you use your common sense and think about where you are going and for what reason, make good judgement calls and we should all be ok. Gloves seem to be a necessary item to wear as then you are not touching anything especially if going to places where they have had a case.

I did buy a bar of soap in my shopping instead of the liquid pump ones as I think you wash your hands for longer with soap as working up a good lather.

Stay safe, be careful, think before you go out and we should all be fine.



  1. Karen
    10th March 2020 / 3:48 pm

    Thank you, it all becomes clear lol 😆

  2. Kit Domino
    10th March 2020 / 11:02 am

    The explanation for the toilet roll panic is because this happened in Australia at the outset of China outbreak. Toilet rolls in Australia apparently are shipped from China and because of lockdown there, the Australians worried in case there would be no supplies. But typical English panicked as they do when it’s Christmas or snow forecast and clear the shelves. All a flash in the pan really.

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