I have been reading lots of blogs about clothes, styles and colours the last few days and it really makes you realise how much choice there is, especially on the internet. But do we change our style? I don’t think we do unless we get brave and try something new and you get a good comment then you feel ok about it. Sometimes I see a picture and think that the clothes are really nice so I buy them but I don’t look as good as the picture so then I give up trying to achieve that style. Maybe it’s easier if you are young and a size 8 as then everything looks good on you. I think it gets harder as you get older as I don’t want to wear frumpy clothes but feel too old for the seasons fashion, so you just drift into the same things you have worn for ever and then feel boring. You don’t want to look like mutton but how do you achieve your best look? I would love to have a style makeover and see what they come up with, shame they couldn’t make my legs grow a bit though as I would love to be taller. What would you alter about yourself? Oh! And I would like to be a size 10 please.


What do you think?

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