It was with a sad heart that I wished them the best holiday ever as my eldest Jodie and family went to Australia for a month over Christmas to stay with her Dad. But boy did they all have a great time and with Facetime, text, Snapchat and everything else it really did not seem like they were over the other side of the world and I guess it makes a difference when you know the date they are coming home to you.


They saw a lot of places and as one of them said you just have to drive for miles of nothing to get anywhere! Jodie showed them one of the houses we lived in bit didn’t get time to go to the others which was a shame as I would have liked to see them and what they thought of them.

Izzy got to feed the dolphins as they were in the water round them but you are not allowed to swim with them like we used to years ago.


It was certainly an experience for the children that will remember for ever. They also did the tourist things like seeing the kangaroos and koalas and a starfish!


I loved the picture of the shell beach and Jodie looking very relaxed by the pink lake.

A great time was had by all, today back to work and school in the cold.


Lovely to have them back