It made a nice change to go out for brunch on Saturday with Megan and the children plus Jodie. We decided on Market Square as it is pretty big and good space between the tables. The menu has vegan and vegetarian so it would suit most people, plus it is very varied with none of your usual basic meals. I thought the prices were very good, I had the salmon & scrambled egg bagel which was only £5 they don’t skimp on the salmon either.

The pancakes looked good and the twins shared a cooked breakfast. I was surprised how filling it all was, so set’s you up for the day.

The prosecco is a bit pricy at £25 a bottle but was a very nice one. The kids were good and ate well plus doing a bit of drawing before and after their food.

I did think that management would have told one of the waitresses that your mask is supposed to be over your nose as well as your mouth!  Social distancing and taking information plus the NHS app was adhered to but up to you as you walked in.

It is a big place so ideal in today’s circumstances but as there are no soft furnishings i.e. all wooden or metal furniture it is very echoey and loud from everyone talking.




We all enjoyed ourselves, the children were good so they got ice cream for dessert.

Hope you are having a great weekend.

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