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Please find attached all the details about this scheme which is designed for customers with hidden disabilities, we will be sending an email to all our customers letting them know we have joined the fabulous scheme.  We will also be posting on all social media the details.


Which hidden disabilities eligible for a sunflower lanyard?

The types of hidden disabilities that are eligible for a sunflower lanyard include:

  • autism and Asperger’s
  • learning disabilities
  • dementia
  • mobility issues (e.g arthritis, MS, ME, chronic illness)
  • visual or hearing impairments.

How does the sunflower lanyard work for people with hidden disabilities?

If you’re wearing a lanyard, staff can offer you help but won’t know what your individual disability and needs are. Just let them know what they can do.

The support that can be provided with a lanyard includes:

  • more time at the checkout
  • packing your bags
  • speaking face-to-face to allow lip reading
  • using clear and easy-to-understand language
  • help with hard-to-reach products
  • making others aware a person may be struggling or have behavioural issues.


The lanyards are free and they can be collected from the Box Office, all staff will be aware that people wearing the lanyards may need a little bit more time or assistance.

If you cannot get here then you can purchase products here.

What a brilliant idea?

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