How do you keep safe when dating someone new?

Dating online like Cardiff dating site is the ideal place to start as while you sit in your own space it is all completed online and with you, in charge, this can go on for as long as you want it too. It gives you the ideal situation to just ask questions, chat and then go on to facetime meets all still in the comfort of your own home.

There is no rush to go out and meet someone new when you can get to know them so much more by chatting in a safe environment. The questions that you have to build up to, you can now just charge in and ask away as let’s face it the worse that can happen is they will not talk to you again.

I find that if you give them a surprise facetime, Zoom or whatever you use then you get to see them as they are, but remember that can be returned but isn’t that the beauty of this, you don’t have to be made up with full makeup sitting in your best clothes when you chat. I think this gives you a quicker opportunity of really getting to know the person.

Then you build up to meeting them in a safe way.


If you live by the coast an ideal date is a walk on the beach as there is enough room for you both to keep a safe distance away from each other or make it a romantic sunset venue. You could even take a picnic so you can sit and chill while getting to know the person even more as once you have talked online you already know somethings so you can ask more about their hobbies or work. Walking is good but be careful that you are not too secluded as you always need to be in sight of other people also check the walkways are not too narrow especially in the country.

If the weather is clear then outdoor sitting areas are good in pubs and restaurants but don’t drink too much as you want to stay safe.

If you have to travel a short distance then arrange to meet them there as you do not want to be sharing a car straight away. If you have the same interests like for example gardening then you could meet at the local gardening centre as most have a cafe now so you could meet there.

The world is a very different place now with the arrival of corona but if you think about where you are going and always stay safe then it is possible to meet someone new and start dating. Always use local dating sites like Cardiff dating site as then you don’t have to travel and if you do start a relationship then at least you live in the same area.

So many things are not available at the moment, like for example the cinema or theatre but this does not mean that you can’t date you just have to think outside the box.

Happy dating guys


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