I am reading this at the moment, it took me a couple of try’s to get into it but once I did I am finding it very good.
On Goodreads they have giveaways that you can go in for all the time and last week I was very pleased to win Sophie Kinsella new proof edition book, cannot wait to read it but it is down the list a bit, I seem to be falling behind with my reading the last couple of weeks.  I was showing Alfie what I had read and showing off a bit when I told him I had read about 54 books this year, we then clicked on other people’s total and loads had read more than me, with one person on 200 books this year!  Alfie thought it was highly funny.  How do people find the time to read that many or do they just skim read?
I have read this next book and it was really good but cannot blog about it until publication day in January.
I am also still reading this book but again really interesting topic about magazines and editors. Hopefully over the holiday I will get time to read and catch up on my to be read pile.


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