Who wants a date for New Years Eve?


Then I have the place for you to start your search, click into birmingham dating.

Your profile is the first place to start so do your make up and hair maybe put a flower or sparkly clip in just to make yourself look a happy girl looking for a date for New Years Eve. Put the dress on that you have already bought for the night of your dreams. Then the action starts with the camera, if your mate can take some pictures then that is great but if not try looking in a big mirror and take some looking at the camera then looking in the mirror, move about, swing your hair. Have a change of clothes and go very casual in jeans and a jumper, maybe put your hair up. Do a good selection of pictures as that is what gets the attention on this site so make them the best you can do and have many changes of clothes if you want to.

Now its your profile time, be very honest as it gets very tiresome trying to remember all the fibs you have told and you just might tell the man of your dreams a fib and it closes down what could have been a wonderful encounter. But, saying that I think a very small fib about your age is not going to really matter, well unless your about 70 then I think you should tell him just so he knows what he is getting into. Some people don’t put their correct surname in or age and I do think this is very acceptable as the internet is not a good place at times for your details so please be aware of these things and stay safe out there girls.  Profiles can be funny so putting a funny story on there is always good as then he has to stay on your profile to read it and laugh. Be very vague with personal details such as your address, locations close to you as we don’t want a queue at your front door!

Interests are a good way of showing people what you are like so if you like going to the theatre but only go once a year well that’s ok as it is what you like to do so he may take you three times a year. If you like to get down and dirty in the garden with your welly boots on then say so but if you just like a little pottering about in your sun-dress watching the flowers grow then let him know.

I always find a good way of finding out things is like this…

Chinese or indian?

Snow or sun?

Tea or coffee?

Dogs or cats?

Dramas or documentaries?

Champagne or prosseco?

Sea or pool?

So make up as many as you like and see how much you can find out before you meet him.

Happy dating girls



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