I have recently noticed that there is a huge amount of animal cruelty going on now,  also so many dogs, cats, horses and even goats I saw in the paper are all being stolen.  For what purpose I ask myself as if you want any animals there are enough in all the shelters to go round for everybody.  Why are they stolen, we read in the papers that the dogs are used for fighting rings and betting on the winners, very cruel and you got to be a nasty person to be able to watch a dog getting hurt so bad he dies just for money.  We even have posts on FaceBook letting us know the registration and type of vans that are going around stealing certain types of dogs.  What are cats stolen for, I can understand if they are a pedigree and worth a lot of money but they would be tagged surely so how do the stolen ones deal with that? Have a dodgy vet to take the tags out?  Horses I cannot understand either as there are a lot of pounds and horses that need homes and very often they are free so why on earth steal some child’s pony and break their heart.  As for the goats I have no idea why anyone would want to steal two goats, unless they can not afford a lawn mower?  

Or has this stealing always gone on and we just hear about it more as everytime an animal is stolen it is put on social media for all to see. But if we are all seeing it especially when it is local to you, why are the animals not found or the people that stole them reported to the police?  Are we afraid to notify the police in case there are any repercussions but the police do not say who told them.  

I feel this is a very worrying concern and it appears to be getting worse so what can we do about it?  Going out in your garden everytime the dog goes out seems a bit extreme and no way can you follow your cat about.  As for the goats I am not sure as if you chain them up I assume they will just have bolt croppers.  Even locking them in a big shed is still not entirely safe.  I even heard of all the rabbits and guinea pigs being taken from a visitors centre for disabled children so they could stroke them etc. how awful is that, why do the people that do this have no feelings? 

Cameras and security do not seem to put them off stealing the horses and tack.  My granddaughters stables were broken into and all the tack from the top lock-up was taken so now they have to carry their saddles and everything backwards and forwards to the yard.  Extremely heavy and a huge inconvenience for them both.  The robbers turned all the cameras upwards and were in and out so quick it was unbelievable.  I guess there are no answers to these problems, let’s hope the next generation are far more responsible and caring.  I hope people start reporting these horrible people and they get the punishment they need. 

That was a long rant but I do feel very strongly about all this and also extreme sad for the children that lose their much loved pets, maybe if these people had kids and saw how upset they get it might make them think twice.  As for the dog fighters, they should all be locked up. 



  1. 5th May 2015 / 4:36 pm

    It really is so heartbreaking for the children that’s what I detest the most. The people that buy the goods are as bad as they know there stolen, that’s why it’s so cheap. X

  2. 5th May 2015 / 4:29 pm

    Sorry I pressed the wrong button before I finished…
    As for the cruelty to animals, they had a march the other week about dog fighting which ended up at the police station to hand over a partition. They were complaining that the people who do this to animals face a very small fine and that is the end until the do it again. The SPCA is trying to get this bill changed so they get harsher sentences and previous cases with be reviewed.

  3. 5th May 2015 / 4:23 pm

    My daughter had equipment stolen from her stable as her youngest has just started riding an off white pony called `Peanuts`. She put the new equipment in there and forgot to lock it properly. Their stables are a long way away from the house so it`s difficult to hear when someone breaks in. I think these people break in to steel and then sell on for a fraction of the cost of replacement. There is a lot of opportunistic crime here because of the lack of jobs, or so the government says ūüôā

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