It is so exciting to receive presents don’t you think? I just love it especially if you have no idea what the present might be. This year I received some lovely gifts some I did know what they were but still great as they were what I really wanted. I think one of the best ones was from Billie and it was what I had asked for which was a safe for the camper.


A gorgeous frame with a photo of Freddie’s first year at school with a nice bottle for me to enjoy.


We all love our coffee but have you tried all the different syrups you can buy now I am really looking forward to trying the  salted caramel one.

I was spoilt by my friend Corinne and I so love the River Island slippers, they are really soft and luxurious, the bangle will be worn at our next lunch.

I was spoilt by Kara and looking forward to growing the strawberry and peppermint in the camper this year. The Baileys coffee is gorgeous and I have a new mug to make it in.

I got a new kettle that just boils one cup from Jodie, I was pleased with that as I’m all for saving energy.

The chocolate Baileys is the best I have tasted and it did not last long!

So that’s it for another year, start saving now for next christmas!



  1. Patricia Young
    2nd January 2019 / 9:06 am

    Very nice Karen! The coffee syrups look tempting too, may look to trying them one day. Take care for now xx

    • kaskent
      2nd January 2019 / 9:25 am

      They certainly make a difference x

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