Corinne bought a selection of her neighbours home-made soaps, shampoo bars and wax melts to our lunch the other day. I really want to try the shampoo bars but these were coconut and I really dislike that smell, I tried to get some samples from Lush but that didn’t work out so I guess I am going to have to buy one when I next go to Canterbury then I can try it and review it. They are supposed to last longer than a plastic bottle of shampoo and no plastic to dispose of. So I am really hoping that they are good.

The soaps smelt really nice and everything was a good price so I think Paula will do really well selling these things. The soaps were big so will last a long time so economical as well.

The melts were popular and smelt good so I need to buy myself a burner so my flat will smell lovely this winter. 6 melts for £3 is a bargain and would make a super christmas present, well any of these things would.


If you would like to order anything then please contact Paula at: paulacorse@btinternet.com



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