I do like my little frog but I wish he ate more slugs, not sure where the rest of his family have gone but they need to come back.

I bought this solar fountain but I would call it more of a trickle than a fountain, I did write to them to say that it does not do what it is supposed to and the reply I got was, “Do not worry dear, it needs to get sunlight, I am sure it will be good.” I feel I need to tell her that I have a south-facing garden, not had any rain for weeks and temperatures in the high 20’s everyday! lol The frog seems to think it is a seat for him.

Today is the last day of school, let the summer holidays begin and the weather to carry on like this. It makes camping so enjoyable, I love watching the kids play, last year Alfie put in a request when we went shopping for some rope and tape for the camp making.

My camper is due for an MOT just before we go away so I do hope it passes ok as I have a busy summer planned.

Happy holidays



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