As many of you know I was having a lot of problems trying to sort out a newsletter and updating my email list. I ended up after a week of getting no where to then find out I could not do that on a free wordpress.com site. I did have my website but that does not get the traffic that my blog does so where do I go from here?

I have got to say that I was lucky, yes lucky I was astounded as all my friends will tell you, I have no luck what so ever!  I saw an ad for this company Blogger2WP so I applied. I was contacted by Laura from the company, they wanted clients that were going to change to a self hosting site, they wanted reviews done about the service. so if you had a WordPress, Blogger or any other platform, then wanted to change over to Self-hosted WordPress site then they would do all that for you, and also I must say in less that half the time or even quicker. I thought this was perfect so we started the process, first I paid siteground, I already had my own name, Karen’s World so that was fine. I also bought a new theme, you do not have to do this and there are plenty of free ones you can choose from. I just wanted to do this properly this time and then its done for a few years or until I see a better theme.

I then handed everything over to Laura, she is really nice and considering everything is done through email she really understood where I was coming from and what I wanted to achieve. Normally it would just be moving a site from one to another but I had the added job of moving website things and then closing that down. I now have everything under the one umbrella, it makes things so much easier.

With the self hosting WordPress you can use plug-ins as well as widgets so the choice of things to put on your site is really amazing. Also you can use mailchimp for your newsletters and email sign-ups. Much more freedom in what you use and how you arrange your blog.

Laura completed all this really quickly and when there was a problem she told me exactly what to do and then she finished the job. I have got to say I am still in shock as it all happened so quickly, everything was just as I wanted it and it all looks super. You also have the back-up that if anything does go wrong then you can contact them. If you would like to enquire about Laura moving your sites then you can email her here: laura@blogger2wp.com

The customer service you cannot fault, nothing is too much trouble and within a few days you have a brilliant new blog/website that you can do amazing things with. I am still getting to grips with some details and new plug-ins but it is all good.

I would like to take this opportunity of saying a big thank you to Laura for all her expertise and knowledge in completing this task so efficiently. You are a star x





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