Daily Prompt: Promises

via Daily Prompt: Promises
Now is this a normal promise or a pinky promise as they are very special and not to be taken lightly,  So I guess we will go with a promise which should not be broken and the words listened to carefully.  Do not make a promise if you cannot keep it or your promises will mean nothing!  Make sure they are worded correctly and listened to or read with all your attention, one slip could mean the end of your promise as you did not get it right.
When listening to children’s promises, have your wits about you as they are very likly to slip extra bits in when you are not paying full attention, for example:
“Dad, please promise me you will pick me up ater club tonight”  Dad in his rush to get out the door shouts back “yes I promise” but what he didn’t catch was:
“Dad, please promise me you will pick me up after club tonight and take me for ice-cream”
A promise is a promise so take heed as they should not be broken!


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