When You’re Longing for Connection

Breaking the back of black and white thinking about loneliness and isolation by taking incremental steps that will lead toward authentic engagement.


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  1. 11th May 2016 / 8:55 am

    Hi Karen,
    I left a quickie thank you under the original post on my own blog as I approved the pingback to yours, thinking I was approving a LINK, only to find (to my surprise and delight) that you had actually reblogged the article. Thank you so much. This topic has generated quite a bit of traffic, so I’m happy to have your help getting the word out about this Series to your readership.
    I can never recall where I’ve explained my own usage of likes, links & quoted portions vs. reblogs, so forgive me if this is repeated info: the WordPress reblog function is still not particularly ADD/EFD-friendly. My readership tends to avoid reading them — or sends me e- or voicemail asking me why I didn’t include the entire article, since I’m not able to edit to highlight the “more” or change it to “Read the rest by clicking HERE” – lol. (I have an unusually intelligent readership, but that kludgy attention challenge can be a bear – especially for those who aren’t bloggers.)

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