I heard an advert on the radio recently there is also one on the TV, they basically say that you should help your friends, particularly males to get help if they are feeling down and to not feel afraid or ashamed to receive help with mental health problems.  While I do agree that people should get help and not feel embarrassed or anything, I am wondering where the money is coming from to treat these new patients.  The mental health arm of the NHS is struggling already, with many services being stopped and patients released with no more help in the community.  Their staff numbers are well below what they should be as there is just no money to employ or train new staff.  Mental health appears to be missing out on any funding and with new patients needing treatment, staff are pushed to their limits.  So, why use advertising to encourage people to get help and who is paying for the advertising?
The NHS is struggling throughout the country with local doctors over worked with too many patients, waiting lists for minor operations and new doctors striking because of long hours.  We should be proud of our health service and all what it entails but money or the lack of money is making standards drop and more complaints.
I feel that this should be one of the key questions that should be thought about when admitting more people into our small island, can we afford it?  All our services are struggling so why put more pressure on them?  Schools have students struggling as english is not their first language so they need help, where is the money going to come from to employ these people to help them?
Young people cannot afford to get on the housing ladder so they need to rent, there are not enough flats for these young people.  Jobs are hard to find and unemployment is high, if more people come into the country there are no jobs for them so they have to apply for benefits.  This is more money that has to be found, where does it stop?  lets just look after our own.


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