Matthew sent me his book to review and I am so pleased he did as it was one I could not put down and stayed awake one night as I just had to finish it.  I have already lent it to my friend, telling her what a wonderful book it is.

As you read it, you feel sure that the author is actually going through these emotions as they are so real and raw.  He packs a lot of feelings in but in such a real way, for a man he really has got a grip on how women feel.  When I finished the book I re-read all the covers as I was sure that he had actually written this from experience, yes, it is that good.

IMG_2545  IMG_2546

I would love to read more of his books and will be recommending this to everyone.  I did shred a tear at one point as the ending could of gone either way and I think I would of cried at both as this is a heart wrenching book but also full of genuine feelings, fears and life situations.  I love the characters and also how the book ties up all the loose ends, it does not just leave you wondering what happened and I like that in a book.  This story would make a great film and I think it would touch a lot of hearts all over the world.

Wonderful book Matthew and I am looking forward to reading more of your work. x


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