The sun was shining this morning and I felt all summery so decided to do my nails, I could not decide which colour so used them all. I am impressed as normally I get more on my skin than my nails but I think I did ok.
Is summer coming? I had to wear my sun glasses today, it felt so good.
I have been trying the Number 7 Protect and Perfect Intense for a while as I bought three tubes, it was buy two get one free.

IMG_0660What can I say? It is not a miracle worker, no it does not get rid of anything! Maybe my skin feels smoother but I think it was smooth anyway. Have these wrinkles multiplied? I am not happy. So, I am now trying the Body Shop vitamin E products.

First we have the eye cream that is supposed to reduce the appearance of fine lines…..maybe my wrinkles and lines are too deep? Also it gets rid of puffiness, I never go out early so that has gone by then! Dark circles, mmmm I need help with them.


Moisture serum, now I have heard it’s all about the serum, so here goes and it protects….protects from what? I would rather it stopped more wrinkles.

IMG_0665And now we have the Face Mist, not used one of these in this country before but it says it’s a moisture boost so I am thinking it may keep the serum working longer to keep the fine lines away. So we will persevere with these new products and let you know if any miracles occur.

Have a great evening and do not forget to put your cream on! xx


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