20140625-084359 pm-74639129.jpgMy last Birchbox came the other day and as usual it was a dull brown colour so I am very disappointed in the boxes themselves as they are not any good for anything as so plain. Well, I am going to try painting one and I have some pictures and beads to decorate it so it should look ok.

20140625-084646 pm-74806358.jpgThis was a Beautyblender priced at £16 so expensive for what it is but I must say it makes your foundation go on lovely and smooth so I am very pleased with this as I would not buy one myself. You can wash it so it is sure to last a long time.

20140625-084950 pm-74990009.jpgThis lipstick by Yves Rocher which is £9.90 is a sheer glossy lipstick that is infused with moisturising cherry oil that leaves your lips really smooth and feeling moisturised.

20140625-085253 pm-75173306.jpgOPI nail lacquer in a lovely purple, what more can I say it goes on like a dream and I love it but it is £11.95 which I think is very expensive for a nail varnish as I get so bored with the colours and am always buying them.

20140625-085414 pm-75254346.jpgThis cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser by Liz Earle Beauty Co is priced at £39 it is meant for dry skin so I have not tried this.

20140625-085905 pm-75545077.jpgCaudalie divine oil from £18 is a fragranced dry oil that is absorbed by your skin fast, hydrating it and leaving a silky sheen. You only need a very small amount so this tube will last for ever as a little goes a very long way.

20140625-090158 pm-75718690.jpgThe free extra thing was a flip flop key ring, I can’t see that people will be overjoyed to receive one of those and I am sure they could of put in something much better than that.

20140625-090529 pm-75929371.jpg

20140625-090528 pm-75928534.jpg

20140625-090530 pm-75930474.jpgThe pamphlet wasn’t that interesting either this month and it was all in the theme of the World Cup. So that was the last Birchbox I may look at some others but will wait until the winter I think.


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