It has been great lately with all the bank holidays and makes the week feel nice and short with just four days. I do wonder if it would be better if they were spread out a bit more during the year. We now have to wait until the

20140527-014840 pm-49720619.jpgThat is the only bank holiday during the children’s six weeks off during the summer so working parents have to juggle their holidays or child care.
After that we all have to wait until Christmas for our next break, not that you can call it a break with all that you have to do to prepare for Christmas you are just to shattered to enjoy it.
Going abroad is also a nightmare during school holidays as the price is always so much more expensive and now you cannot just take your children out of school a couple of days early to get a cheaper deal as the education department will fine you.

20140527-020612 pm-50772028.jpgI am going on holiday next week and really looking forward to getting away, doing some writing, sunbathing and enjoying a few sangria’s with friends. I am hoping to get my short story sorted for the HG Wells competition and maybe some plans and drafts done for the next couple of stories. The weather has been awful here for the bank holiday weekend so it will be nice to get a tan and hopefully feel good.
Must leave you now and attend to some packing. X



    • 27th May 2014 / 3:11 pm

      I’m going to Spain for a week. Been a bit ill and low so hoping this will get me back xx

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