How many face creams have you got in your cupboard? I remember years ago there used to be loads in mine but now I have only one, the one I am using. This is because they are so expensive now that you can only afford one at a time. How do you decide which one to buy as they all appear to work miracles in the reviews of them, I am yet to find one that actually makes me look ten years younger with no wrinkles. Does one actually exist? I have just finished the Avon miracle worker cream so I am open to any ideas as to which to try next?

20140203-030712 pm.jpg Then you have the make up to help with minimising the appearance of wrinkles and crows feet. So many to choose from how do you decide? Again they all promise to work and hide just about everything, which one do you use? A good layer of foundation covers a lot! Lol

So New Year, New You. How are the resolutions going? If your like me the diet seems to be only five days a week now but at least I am still doing it. I failed to take my make up off last night so that’s another one I have failed to keep up. I have also failed to write everyday and as to being spontaneous and trying new things, I would like to find the time for that. If your looking for love then February is supposed to be the lurvvve month, it’s never worked for me but let’s keep positive. Girls, when out chat to everyone, who knows, the pharmacist serving you when buying your Ginseng maybe the love of your life.

Happy Monday xx


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