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Young and old gathered today to see the Red Arrows demonstration, I was lucky enough to see it all from my garden. Some of them seem so close and loud as they fly over.

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My granddaughters were very impressed by the hearts they formed in the sky. What a clear sky we had and lots of sunshine, bit of a wind blowing on the sea front but my garden was sheltered and lovely.

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Kara popped round tonight and we watched Britain’s Got Talent and the winners were very talented and deserved to win. It was a shame one act was spoilt by a woman throwing eggs at Simon Cowell but was a bit funny and I did laugh at some of the egg jokes that appeared on Twitter instantly. Lol


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  1. 26th October 2013 / 10:32 pm

    I’d forgotten about the egg woman because I’m playing catch up! I wasn’t watching it bit I saw loads of stuff on Twitter so I ended up finding the clip on YouTube fairly soon after it happened. I remember seeing display teams like the Red Arrows when I was younger, usually at some event for a Bank Holiday. It was great that they had such lovely weather for it 🙂

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