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There appears to be so many of these special days now that no one seems to know anything about them, what is the point of them? I know there are far too many to celebrate all of them but I must admit I would like to know about them as like today, I would of got my best friends together for lunch. You cannot beat a good lunch with the girls, so much fun and it is good to let your hair down and just enjoy yourself.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the nice messages I have had this week, it is true what they say, you do really feel part of a community on WordPress and I love the way we all support one another.

There is no news about the Nanny Magazine, I will keep you up-dated though as soon as I hear.

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After I received a comment from my post I started to thing about the Pinterest site that I have now started, I believe it is very similar to Tumbir but have not looked at that site yet. I had an idea that you could make a board about your character from the story you are writing, so all the pictures could be about her/him, therefor creating a folder of boards about each of your characters. You would then always have them on line wherever you are and when you write a follow on book it is easy to refresh your mind about them or even have two windows up on your screen for instant visual prompt.

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These are some of my boards I have created so far.


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