How do you know you have taken a good photograph?  Is it just your own interpretation or do you find fault in all of them?  I delete more than I keep but that is just practise, I have tried to read books on taking the best photo but I find that really hard as I learn by watching.
I must admit that these photos I have picked here I do think they are good, that is just my opinion though but having put them on-line I could then pick fault with one of them.

I love the simple two colours here with the Lavender, it makes me feel like I can actually run my hand through this and smell the scent.
  I think the sea should be faded out and not so clear but a bit fuzzy but that is just my opinion as I am sure an expert would find fault with all my photos I use on my blog.
I like to use my own pictures as then there is no risk of copywriter which is a huge problem these days, so if you do a blog start taking any pictures as you never know when they will be useful.

This rose looks so intense and rich to me.

I like the textures here of the slate and brickwork, they work so well together.
Happy photography day everyone. x



  1. 20th August 2016 / 11:13 am

    Thank you, I think you can get better though and one big thing I have learnt is that you don’t have to have the whole thing in the frame as parts of something look much better at times.
    I also take lots of pics of the same thing from different angles and then pick the best one.
    Thank for reading and your comment X

  2. 20th August 2016 / 11:09 am

    When you ask: “How do you know you have taken a good photograph? Is it just your own interpretation or do you find fault in all of them?” I think some people just have a knack, or a good eye, or sense of what stands out about a scene (or even if there IS something that stands out, and I guess there usually is). I don’t have that knack at all but you seem to! :–)

What do you think?

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