Yesterday was World Book Day, children got a voucher to go and purchase a £1 book for free from selected shops.  Some schools ask the children to dress up as their favourite book character and they have a book themed day at school.  I am surprised that not many schools did that in my area this year but I guess it all gets a bit boring for the children that are in the last year of primary school if they been doing it every year.  

The main news last night was about a young boy dressing up as Christian Grey and being told to go home from school as it is not appropriate.  Right or wrong?  As it is a child’s character there is no way he would of read the book so he is just getting it from the hype in the news, tv and magazines.  So it is not his favourite character all he knows is how he dresses.  Was the mother wrong in letting him go to school dressed like that even though he looked very smart and maybe there was a funny side to it?  I think she didn’t thing it through and would be regretting the decision now especially as he was sent home and is in the news.  Some of the children would have no idea who he was and it was not a children’s book or character.   Was the school right in sending him home?  I think that was a bit harsh surely they had some clothes there that they could have made him into something so he could enjoy the day.  Many of the younger children would not of realised but the oldest ones would know something about it unless they were banned from all media.  Is this like you are told what you can or cannot read?  Some older children in primary will be reading teenage books as they progress, would you stop them if they were not 13?  I guess this ends up like what games they play and what tv programmes they watch and as children all mature at different stages it is up to the parent to be involved and make the decisions.  Would make a good talking point or debate especially with the children and adults.

Target, why do we not have that shop in the UK I used to love it when I lived in Australia and now I keep seeing all these great little stationary things like paper clips with cute pictures and great stickers. I want some! 😊

Last purchase – This is what I have bought myself and I love love love it and cannot wait to snuggle down under it and what a bargain.  This is from Matalan and they have some great pieces for the home and their clothes are really nice and a good price.  What was your last purchase? 


What do you think?

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