I do love a good word, especially if it is one I have not heard of before, I saw this one on FaceBook this morning and felt like sharing it as I think it’s a great word. I feel that authors do a lot of that ‘Meraki’ as we do put absolutely everything into the books we write. I guess the same could be said of any creative person, it’s like a little bit of yourself is left in each thing.  I always say I am going to remember all these words but then never think of them when I am writing something. Have you got any favourite words you like to use?

I was amazed at how many people are going on Pinterest now, I have always loved it and was so pleased when I saw the number of people looking at my pictures!

Authors book boards

I love it when an author makes a board about their book, it gives you a real insight into what they are thinking and seeing in their own head. I have used many photos of my life when I have written about parts of it. When I see a picture of something from my childhood it takes you right back there, I’m sure I can remember more about the past than what I did yesterday or even what I’m doing tomorrow!



What do you think?

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