I was very honoured to be asked to review these books from WONDERBLY.

You can feel the perfection from first picking up a Wonderbly book, that’s if you can decide which one you would like and then matching it to the child as the choice is wonderful.  Children love seeing their own name in a book, especially when the book is about them. They learn the look of the letters in their name which encourages them to write it for themselves.

The site is very clear and easy to use, showing you the books plus inside so you can see how wonderful they really are. If you would like 15% off then use this code at checkout. 70e616e795

We had lots of fun reading about how much Lily loves mummy, with her picking out her name inside.


Then it was Freddie’s turn, he was very excited about his book as he could write his own answers in and it really was all about him. Something to treasure forever and to hold memories of childhood. I think these books are excellent, good quality and something a little bit different. I love the dedication in this book it makes you feel very special that you have chosen this for your child.



Children love books being read to them so having one with their very own name in with a story that they can relate to makes the perfect gift. The selection of Wonderbly stories is presented in age ranges so that makes the choice so much easier. You can see the book plus all the pages on the website, so you know the book will be the perfect gift for your child. They also make the perfect gift for grandparents to give plus the dedication at the front will say it is from yourself.  These books are a perfect way to keep and treasure memories in our throwaway society that has developed. Our children grow up so quickly so remember each stage with a specially made book just for you and them to share and talk about for years to come. The quality, binding and paper used in the making of your special book is the best and will resist the baby hands and the damage they may try to do.


Well known stories and even some Christmas books to choose from makes the decision hard about which one to get but with this website you can look at each book and read it to make sure it is the one for you.


I have a special offer for you, referring a friend so if you go through the following link you will get £10 off your book. https://www.wonderbly.com/uk/pages/refer-a-friend

I have to decide which one to get next although I really love this one plus you can change the name to what your grandchildren call you! I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH.



What do you think?

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