All countries should take on board what Sweden has done, then for some to set up the same recycling for others to use. We cannot keep making the amount of rubbish we do, there needs to be more recycling for many things.

Luxembourg has made all public transport free, it clears so much congestion and fumes so if our public transport was free then they would employ more people as the services would run more often and hopefully on time.

Why can’t we be one of these cities, if other countries can do it why can’t Britain?

What a simple idea, you could also have trees planted for every child when they start school. There are many ideas we could take on like planting a tree when you get married.

So many things should be just banned as then people would find other alternatives. Why does our government not do things like this also banning single-use plastics? Stop keep saying about our environment and what we could do, ban everything that destroys it.


All shops should do this, ban the plastic bag.


We have so many clever young people that want to help improve our world, the government should be supporting them by banning the things that destroy it and help to find the solutions to what we have created.

Some of the ideas that other countries have taken on board make me ashamed to be living here, our government does not appear to want to do anything to help the situation which is only going to get worse the longer it goes on.



What do you think?

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