Between the 25th and 29th of May the Festival of the Brain was held in Folkestone at the Quarterhouse, getting bigger with each year it is packed of interesting events for all ages.  The BRAIN what a complex bit of machinery that is and one that we are still learning about and will continue to learn about all our lives, whether as a person or as a doctor studying the brain.
Many different events have been held over the five days and the one factor that I can connect to all of them is that there never is enough time as we are eager to learn and interact with many different people about all aspects of our brain.
Mental health, Spirituality, mindfulness, wellbeing, therapy, intelligence, Dementia are all words that we can connect to the brain and it was these words that linked the festival together.  We could have many discussions about these and never come to an end, is this because we all think different or that we relate to each word differently?
Mindfulness appears to be the ‘buzz’ word at the moment being linked to many areas of the brain but again we each take a small part of that and process it completely different.  I can see the good in mindfulness regarding how we think of ourselves but I have trouble picturing a scene and feeling peace, that comes back to the fact that we are all wired differently and in the case of brain damage our wires then create a different route.  Very clever our brains.
Does reading help our wellbeing?  I guess if you can transport yourself to that story so that it blocks out everything else then it must do but can you read and lose yourself in the story if you have ‘stress’ to deal with?
I was dubious about Mindful Writing, after attending a workshop given by Philip Cowell I can see the benefits in picking a word out of the air and then lead on from that word in how it makes you think, feel in fact all the senses could apply.  I did not get the slow walking and explaining what you are doing and how you are doing it.
MINDFULNESS – To look, feel, taste, hear, smell anything in explicit detail from its beginning to end.
That is my interpretation, what is yours?


What do you think?

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