At the Wellbeing centre in Folkestone by the Sainsburys in town, you will often find some lovely presents for yourself or others. Last week I got a gorgeous smelling air freshener for the car. THE ESSENCE OF HOPE is all made by a local lady, this includes diffusers, melts and super smelling candles plus the air fresheners.


I am hoping there will be some melts on their own next week as I have got all the pots you put them in. Have you noticed that all the small candles are getting even smaller so they don’t burn for very long at all now?  These make good gifts although I tend to buy things from here for myself as a treat. The CBD bath bombs have all gone so I need to find a new supply of those plus I was told you can get decaffeinated CBD T bags! So I am on the lookout for those, there seems to be a lot of places from America selling those but I prefer to buy local plus the postage from there is atrocious.

It is such a good feeling buying local and supporting the people that are really trying to forge a living for themselves.

Do you buy local produce?


What do you think?

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