First of all I would like to say huge congratulations to my friends Dawn and Chirag on the birth of their baby daughter Alyssia Isabella weighing in at 6lb 7oz

20140223-101532 pm.jpg Looking forward to seeing her soon.

When I came home yesterday I was looking for the cat as usually she greets me at the door, looking all round I eventually found her in the bathroom sink! She has never got in there before and wonder why as surely it would be a bit cold.

20140223-102036 pm.jpg
This week has also been half term here in the UK so I took two of the grandchildren out one day. Jade wanted to go to the horse shop in Essex so we drove there and she spent all her money. Then Kara wanted to go to East Grinstead to Peter André’s cafe. Most of the day was spent in the car driving but there were no complaints just two very happy children.

20140223-102406 pm.jpg

20140223-102420 pm.jpg
My doctor has changed my medication and as I had to have a washout of the old and a week of nothing it has been so hard and I have suffered withdrawal symptoms which have been horrible. On a positive note in about two weeks I should be feeling better and hopefully stop crying at everything!
I have a busy four weeks now of writing, writing and more writing so I am ready for the meetings and conference.
Alfie was pleased to see Zac the other day.

20140223-103108 pm.jpg


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