The cat is in the dogs bed and the dog is relaxing in the cat bed, rather squashed but does not seem to care!

I went over so I could put everything back in my camper and organise it all, also clean everything, it’s much easier to do it in her garden and we have a bit of fun.

We had a lovely chinese from the one down Jefferson Lane, I would recommend that as it was one of the best I have tasted and really good sizes.

Camper not completely sorted but on Monday I took it back to the garage to sort out how I get the electric to work when not on hook-up, and another couple of things so I am going armed with pen and notebook to write down exact information about everything. This is all so different from my old camper and once I understand it all I am sure I will be fine.

I must admit I am losing heart and very tempted to just sell it if I can’t get it all sorted. Ricky was very nice at the garage and it turned out to be a valve that was stuck open so I now have hot water in bathroom and sink and the toilet flushes. I can also open the roof window. The electrics are all ok but I do need an inverter so I just need to look about for someone who can fit one of those and then that’s it.


I can be off on my little travels


What do you think?

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