If you have read any of Lisa’s books then you will know how good they are and this is another brilliant read from her. As you read this your mind goes of thinking about what might happen, which is what she very cleverly wanted you to do. This will take you up the wrong garden path and to be honest you could go up a couple as you read this but all is not what it seems. Extremely very well written by a brilliant author so this will be another best seller for Lisa Jewell.

From infatuation, stalking and murder, this book has it all. What are the secrets that everyone appears to have and why does the headmaster appear to be at the centre of everything. What has he done and is he running from his past?  Then when he tries to hook up with his neighbour it makes you think that maybe it is all true what the people are saying about him. I could not stop reading this so that was a day I lost but really didn’t mind as I loved it.

So many good books out at the moment and my To Be Read pile is getting very big but I am sure I will get round to them all at some point. I would like to thank Netgalley for giving me the opportunity of reading and reviewing this book, it was my pleasure and it gets a good 5 stars from myself.

You can buy it here at Amazon.


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