This was an amazing hard-hitting talk that I wish everybody in the world could hear!

Listening to how bad our oceans are around the world make you realise that we all need to do more, over 70% of the world is covered in water, that is an awful lot that we are not taking care of. Then if you think about all the marine life that is being injured or killed by rubbish that is going to stay in the water for years if we do not do something about it.

One of the first things Lucy spoke about was the dreaded shrink-wrap and how it is used for no actual reason, for example these coconuts do not need to be shrink wrapped. When in a supermarket refuse to use the plastic bag to put your fruit and veg in, write them a letter saying you want paper bags or no bags for somethings.


What plastic could you do without?

  1. Buy a water bottle that you refill
  2. Have a refillable coffee cup
  3. Don’t buy plastic bottles of drinks
  4. Refuse plastic bags, buy one that just goes in your bag so you always have it
  5. Don’t buy cotton buds, use these ones  and their full range of eco-friendly items.
  6. Refuse to buy washing-up liquid, soap, shampoo, washing liquid & conditioner in plastic bottles
  7. Shop at a loose food place and take your own container.fullsizeoutput_1ed7
  8. Shop at local farmers markets
  9. Go to charity shops

We could all use less and think more about what we are buying with a lot of things working out cheaper for you and reducing all your waste in general.


Lucy often makes appearances on The One Show BBC1 in her fight for a cleaner world. Lets all do some more to help our future generations, the marine life and our oceans as we are the only ones that can do it!

Think before you buy!


What do you think?

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