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It is with great pleasure that I am on this blog tour with TRAPPED BY NICK LOUTH and after reading this and all the other great reviews I am sure you will be ordering this fantastic book!

What a brilliant story, I read this in a day and defo in top five for this year. This is a bit different as it happens in real time where you also have someone speaking that you think is dead and then you have all the lies that you don’t actually know they are until towards the end. You also have a brilliant twist that I doubt you will get at all.

Nick Louth has outdone himself with this story that I am sure will be a best seller. Two criminals and a hostage situation appear to be a normal story but with each page you progress through this account you get hooked in even more.

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Really liked the part of the husband being dead but talking and then not dead but locked in and then being able to tell a part of the story and then actually being dead and buried. Poor bloke but what a good way to tell a part of the story, very unusual and will keep you turning those pages.

It is always a huge pleasure to review a really great book and this is one of the best I have read, I do like something a bit different.

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