I have been to a few charity shops here and in Wales so picked up a few books and now my pile to read is a bit big, well it is for me; some peoples pile is a lot bigger.  I have a couple of Christmas books to start reading in December as I always feel a book gets you in the mood for festive events, I try not to think about the cost of presents!


Nothing better than a nice coffee and cake to go with your book, I find it hard to read in a coffee shop though as I am so nosy looking round at everything or should I say everyone.

I was listening to a review the other day on YouTube, it was for a book called Next of Kin by Sue Welfare which I have read and found really very good.  This reviewer told an awful lot of the story and if I had heard that first I probably would not of read it as there did not seem much point after listening to what the story was about and all the characters.  So this got me wondering, what do you like about reviews and have you a favorite reviewer?

Do you like to see or hear a review telling you a lot of the story or just a basic one about the story, characters, flow, etc of the book?  How popular are the YouTube reviewers, have you listened to any?

Would be really good to hear your thoughts on these questions, so please take a minute or two and let me know.  Thank you, and have a great week x



  1. 13th September 2015 / 8:55 pm

    Thank you for following xx

  2. 13th September 2015 / 8:03 pm

    Well, book reviews can certainly be the writer’s opinion. I would rather not know too much about the story because I think the story is secondary to the writer’s ability. If the author is a good writer, the story doesn’t matter too much. I am peering at your “to read” pile and will try some of the authors. I sometimes ask my daughters if I would like a particular book and they are usually spot on. Thanks for all your book reviews. Most of my favourite authors are British!

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