I know it’s January and summer is a long way of but it’s so good to think about the long summer days and feeling the sun warming your skin. I think the only good thing about winter is the lovely pictures you get of the snow, you know those wintery scenes that don’t involve getting to work, kids to school or shopping! I cannot wait for Spring and getting in the garden as I have built up my collection of pictures, ornaments and lights to go out there. This year I have invested in metal pictures so they can stay up and make it look better all year round. Lovely wooden ornamental plant containers in the shape of bicycles and carts have to filled with flowers and have some pink solar trees for something a bit different. I am hoping to get the garden and entrance completed this year then I will grow some veg in pots where hopefully the slugs will not get them, I have prepared them with copper tape and have been searching the internet and Pinterest for ideas on slug control.

My friends have booked their holiday to Greece again and have been very wonderful by asking me to go again with them, I was obviously very good last year! Kara was very keen to house sit for me and look after Peaches the cat again, which is so nice as I really do not think she would like to go to a cattery for two weeks. Next step booking the flights and I will be sorted and have something lovely to look forward to in September. I like going away then as it means I can spend time with the children during August and their long summer holiday from school. Let’s hope for a lovely summer again.

I have a friend who spent Christmas and New Year at her house in Spain and it is still a nice temperature over there, it is lovely to be able to get away from the biting cold here each year. Although down here in the South I think we have the worse to come as apart from the rain (no flooding here) it has been very mild, just turning colder the last few days.

I guess you are wanting to know about the date? About six years ago I went out with him for a while but his job took him overseas so it just sort of fizzled out but over the years we have kept in touch by email a couple times a year. I must say he was very good looking then and fun to be with. He then changed his job to a fireman so settled in one place. The last few months we have been chatting more progressing to texts and calls, he lives over three hours away so it is not going to be constant involvement, we are both busy, him with work and renovating and myself with my writing and family.

We met up and yes he is still hot and single! We had a great time even though I was a bit nervous at first, I think because it’s been a while since I dated because of the last disastrous relationship. What a gentleman he was though, even walking round and opening the car door for me to get in. We had a nice meal and talked non stop so I now feel I am back in the world of living and dating, also cannot wait to see him again!



  1. 15th January 2014 / 12:09 am

    I am imagining the fireman in Greece! It’s very hot tonight! Lol xx

  2. 14th January 2014 / 12:35 pm

    Brilliant Nanny – sounds like a great friendship you have there with your fireman. :-).

    Also great that you have Greece to look forward to again in September – bring it on! xxx

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