The writing group progressed with adding an accident, could be about anything. I carried on with the story of Annabel, it is getting interesting to see how it’s all going to come together.
Annabel had a lot of friends but her very favourite one was Lucy, not sure why she was her best friend except that they had such fun together and Lucy loved Annabel. It was a lovely feeling so Annabel spent a lot of time with Lucy, mainly staying at her house as she had her own room, Lucy had to share with her sister, which she hated. Not understand that at all as she would love a sister instead of her annoying brother.

Both sitting on her bed with the television showing music videos they were chatting about what they were going to do and wear that evening as they were going to the school disco, it only happened twice a year so they wanted to look grown up even though they were only 11 this disco was their last one at primary school so it was a bit sad too as some friends they would not see when they left here as everyone was going to different secondary schools, except Annabel and Lucy they had put the same school down as they were very, very best friends as they had told their parents.

They both heard the smash at the same time and looked at each other wondering what on earth was going on downstairs, they jumped off the bed, slowly walking out to the banister and looking over down to the hallway. Nothing was there so off they went down the stairs into the lounge as hearing the TV they thought someone would be in there but it was empty. Looking round they both saw the glass all over the floor, staring at it, wondering what had happened then hearing Annabel’s mum asking which one had knocked the old glass photo frame off the side. They both said,
“it wasn’t me, we just came to see what it was,” they both new by the look on mums face that she did not believe them so Annabel told her mum again that they had been up stairs and had heard the crash. “Then who was in here?” The ball hitting the patio door made them all look outside to see her brother playing football looking like he had been crying.

Opening the door he was told to come inside, mum then told him all about her very favourite glass photo frame being smashed, Kevin looked up at his mum and really did not want to tell her that he had done it with his football as he knew he was not allowed to play with it inside the house. Very slowly he said,
“sorry Mum, I didn’t mean to do it the ball just bounced up the wrong way” Mum told him off and sent him to get the broom, coming back with it expecting a smack mum just looked at him saying that as he had told the truth and new he was wrong his punishment would be to go to bed an hour earlier than normal.

Annabel was picking up some paper from the floor, looking at a very old small passport size photo of a man, she could just make out it was a man as it was so faded. Reading the bit of paper which looked a bit like the hospital name tag she had to have on last year it said her Nans first name but then it had a different surname so Annabel then asked her mum,
“why is that not nans proper name,” “Go and get the hoover please Annabel before this glass spreads any further,” “But mum it’s the wrong name,” “Just get on with getting the hoover please it was probably just some mistake and before you start no I do not know who the picture is of.”

20131127-011219 pm.jpg
We then had to think about a turning point so I carried on with the story.
Sarah new that she should not of shouted at her daughter but sometimes she just kept on and on she kept telling herself it was none of her business but she knew deep down Annabel was just being a child and curious to know about everything. Sending the girls up to the bedroom to tidy up for dinner she stood thinking about what to say, she knew her daughter would ask her dad so then he would ask her and she really did not know what to tell him, should she tell him? Cooking the dinner was like she was on automatic pilot, gazing out the window her head began to hurt so reaching for the tablets in the cupboard she took two knowing deep down they were not really going to help.

Calling the girls for dinner she had decided to give them theirs early so they could get ready for the school disco, hoping they would just accept it and not fire more questions at her. In fact she went and watched the TV not really seeing what was on just thinking and staring into space. She would take the girls to the disco then returning home give Kevin and his dad their dinner then she would escape to the bath asking them to pick the girls up later as she really didn’t feel well, maybe it was a migraine coming on. Yes, that was the plan, then giving herself time to think. She would have until this time tomorrow as she knew she would just feign sleep when he came to bed also when he got up as he was normally gone before the rest of the house awoke.

The promise she had made to her mum all those years ago was echoing round her head, never for one moment did she ever think she would be faced with betraying her, yes, betraying. What a word, it made it sound like a life or death situation. The thought of telling her husband that she had lied to him about things just filled her with dread, would he forgive her? Everybody involved in the lies were all dead apart from herself so that then threw up another question, should she tell the truth or make up another lie? That would just be to make herself feel less guilty about the lies she had told as she could make up a much better plausible excuse.

The night stretched endlessly ahead, pounding headache, stomach churning with panic. Wanting to get up but knowing if she moved he would talk to her, feeling her heart beating she was sure he would hear it. Please let the night go quick was what she ended up thinking all night, feeling sick with dread!

How will it all develop?


What do you think?

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