I have been doing a bit of pottering in the garden as the weather has been so lovely, it is nice to get outside as we have had a very wet couple of months. Also after being shut indoors with the lockdown in place because of the coronavirus, it was a very welcome release to be outside. My daughter got me the compost and tipped it in, at a safe distance away from myself. I do need a bit more also some more strawberry plants. I am going to plant some bulbs as well so there will be lily’s along the back and daffodils along the front, so next spring it should be full of colour.

The water butt needs a new tap which I am not looking forward to as I will have to almost get in it to reach!  My old chair is falling apart, I am hoping it will survive the summer then next year I can save and buy some new seating.

I had a tidy up above and moved the honeysuckle over here as hoping it will grow over the gate. I am waiting to get some pink geraniums to go in these pots for a bit of colour.


This area looks so pretty at night with the fairy lights on. I get very impatient waiting for the plants to grow so there is some colour.

What have you been doing during this lockdown?  I get a bit lonely at times so I facetime my daughters for a chat. The younger grandchildren appear to be loving it all and spend most of the day in the garden. We have another three weeks of staying in here in the UK, I think the social distancing will probably stay for a few months after that or until there is a vaccine.

Happy gardening


What do you think?

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