Sometimes you see things on the news and it just makes you wonder what is the world coming too. These people are taking their lives in their hands trying to get over one of the busiest shipping channels in the UK in a very small boat or dinghy. This is the number just this year as another one landed down in East Sussex last week. 1,127


You then add on the ones that climb into lorries and hide, with some holding on underneath all in very dangerous places. That’s 15,000, what a high number and the lorry company or owner gets fined if they are found so they take all the precautions to stop this happening and then still get fined if someone is found. They need to just turn them around and take them back like many countries do and let’s not forget they have gone through many safe countries to get here and they choose not to stay there but to keep going and risk their lives to come to us!

With all the security at the ports now I am amazed that they are still finding ways to get through. Where will all this end? We are such a small island and I wonder how many people will keep coming here. Most of our hospitals and schools are full, with also having to spend more money from their budgets to get over the many language barriers. No more money is given to them so they have to cut back on other things.


Let’s just look after our own as that alone is going to be hard with people living longer, the next generation now driving, youngsters trying to get on the property ladder, doctors surgeries struggling to cope and people having to wait two weeks for an appointment, hospitals A&E not coping with the times to treat someone as so many are now going to the hospital as they cannot get in to see their doctor.

Down in Kent by the coast where I live we have to put up with the main motorway the M20 having one lane permanently closed off just in case the lorries have to queue for the port when Brexit eventually happens or not! Our roads are conjested so even a trip to the shops or even the school run can take so long because our small roads are packed with cars avoiding the motorway. The politicians should all try living down here and see how that impacts on their day to day lives like it does us.

I am not political but sometimes I get so cross with what is happening here like I am sure many of you do.


What do you think?

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