01e7d3255794b37782d5fa2a32169955e5cc0abfc1  The Dreamers is a show that you will not forget and it may even bring you to tears.  With a cast of 22 and 6 orchestra they give you everything and considering the age range is between 8 and 29 with a lot being the younger side the show is amazing.  It takes you back to world war 1 and you can imagine you are there and what I really like is the fact that children could watch this and they would completely understand what it was like to be alive then and how difficult it was for everybody.  It is a shame it is not on for longer as it is attracting the crowds, with everyone coming out talking about it and how it has affected them.  Memories come flooding back for the older generation, it is lovely to then see the children talking to them and then sharing more stories.  016c69a7003883cfafcd3c1c092422f3c67873faf47051CC1D-56A6-4C32-B808-04426FC988EC  This show would be ideal for children of all ages to watch during their learning of the war.  For a small company they have done exceedingly well in bringing this altogether into a simple but powerful story.


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