I can honestly say that there is nothing at all about dieting that I enjoy and up to the age of about 35 I had never been on a diet or watched what I ate. In some ways that makes it worse as it all gets harder as you get older. When I was younger I could lose a few pound in days if I wanted to by not eating anything apart from my meals. Putting weight on is simple and you don’t even see it but then all of a sudden your clothes are too tight so you buy the next size, that is the first mistake I have learnt but I don’t think I will ever get back to a size 10 to remedy this. A not tight 12 is what I am aiming for, to be completed quickly and easily, we can all dream.
I did do dry January and I have only had one drink during February so that is good, not sure it’s helping really as I don’t drink much anyway, usually only on my lunch date with the girls once a month. It seems I am not the only one going by these stats.
Drinking rates among British adults are at their lowest since 2005. A recent Office for National Statistics survey found the proportion who drank alcohol at least once a week declined from 64.2% to 56.9% last year. Almost 100,000 people officially signed up to the “dry January” challenge this year – about 40% up on 2017 – while millions more joined in unofficially.
Tesco says its sales of low-alcohol wines have more than doubled. The supermarket’s wine expert Alexandra Runciman, says: “Consumption of alcohol in the UK down is down by 18% over the last decade and we’re seeing more customers looking for a quality wine-drinking experience without the alcohol.”
I do prefer the low-alcohol wines as lets face it it takes a good week to recover from a bad hangover and do you really want to go through that again? Best to avoid I have found although the last time I went out with my granddaughter for a quiet drink she had me doing shots…..never again.
I have been on this diet for just over a month, I haven’t stuck to any particular plan except not to buy anything I like! Makes eating very boring but all in a good corse. I do enjoy the lemon water first thing in the morning and before meals so that has taken the place of any tea or coffee. My portions have been small at meal times and I bought a lot of fresh veg and fruit, this is hard as I only shop on-line about once every 5 weeks but Billie has been bringing me in fruit when I look after Zac on a Tuesday. Salmon and tuna have been eaten a lot, good job I really like them, especially with a bit of sweet chilli sauce on the top during cooking.
I did try some of the concoctions I found on Pinterest but not very nice tasting so they didn’t last long, I may try some turmeric though this week.

Today was weigh-in day and measurements, I can say that I was truly shocked as I do not look or feel any different but I have lost 2 stone and 2 inches from each measurement!
I now have the encouragement to continue and if I can do the same next month I will be celebrating.


What do you think?

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