What an amazing place, I cannot believe I have not been here before in fact I had not even heard of it. I can remember going to this area with my Nan and Granddad but think we just had meals on the water front. All of this area is outstanding in beauty and attractions so you find something for everyone.

The teapot museum is amazing, like nothing I have ever seen before, our conversation while walking round all the rooms that house 8,250 teacups was ooooo aaaarrrrroh look.

This collection took years to build and is absolutely fascinating, everything you could think of has been made into a teapot. I like the way they have covered the front of all the shelves with perspex so they won’t get broken and also you don’t have to dust them, what a good idea.

I really liked the book theme ones.

You could spend ages here just walking round and round such a delightful place and I am so pleased we found it.

The restaurant that is attached has superb meals with it all being so reasonable and cooked to order.  The english breakfast and eggs on toast I can vouch for and say that they were delicious. Then the milkshakes were wonderful so thick and full of flavour.

My miniature crime writers desk I absolutely love and it has pride of place on my desk. What a truly fabulous day out in the sunshine looking at so many things.


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