LOVE, are we using the word too often, is it all just sounding a bit wishy washy with no actual meaning or sentiment. How often do you say I love you or does it just flow out in what ever you are talking about, I love my dog, I love this book I’m reading! What do we mean when we say I love you, do we actually love our pet budgie or we just saying it because it sounds more meaningful than like? But the cat, dog or budgie wouldn’t really mind what we said. Why do we love them? Because they are ours, they capture all our feelings. Our parents are ours and we love them for being them, giving us life so if we love the budgie and love our parents why is it so hard if a parent dies? So we have depths of love, how far does the love go? Can we control it or does it control us? From birth we grow up with our parents telling us that they love us, they might not be there all the time, so do they love us less.

How do we know we are loved or how do we know we are in love? Do we have to see the person to love them or can we love them from afar but then is that proper love. Do we just say I love you just because people expect to hear it, does it make us feel better, do we feel better when we say it to others. I love my cat and would be upset if anything happened to her but would it be a gut wrenching pain like when my Grandad died, no. We put luv u in text messages, we say it to our friends our animals our family our children we even say I love this book. So LOVE is not such a powerful word as it used to be because we use it everyday, has it not got the powerful meaning anymore? Your partner can say it every day but would it mean more if he only said it when he actually wanted to for that moment and that feeling of wanting to love you? Maybe we do say it too often to have the full punch of the word and meaning. Next time you say the L word, why are you saying it?

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