The end is close for 2013 and we look forward to new beginnings, starting afresh and maybe changing what we did not like or want in our lives. For some this is easy and look forward to change as it gives them the boost they need too change things but how many have the will to keep to it after a few weeks?

New Year Resolutions, we all think about them, some commit and say them out loud, a few tell others but how many actually mean them and keep to them for the year?

I will remove my make-up every night! I think I have said that every year for about 30 years and still I do not do it every night, why? I know I should but nothing happens to make me want to do it, some nights I just forget or I get all snuggled in bed in the warm and just do not want to get out again. There is no actual reason why I don’t do it no matter how many times I make the new year resolution but I’m sure I will again this year.

Are your resolutions actually attainable or just wishful thinking…….I will finish my book and get it published in 2014! That is possible but still a bit of wishful thinking I think.

I wonder how many of the population at some point in their lives have said “my diet starts on the 1st January” or “I will deal with the mail and junk mail as soon as it appears on the door mat or in mail box” why do I leave it in a pile until I have a sorting day that then takes me away from my writing so then I get mad at myself. By the way I really, really will start the diet on the 3rd, why the 3rd I bet you are thinking. My daughter and myself are taking Alfie to London to see the Dinosaur show at the theatre on the 2nd, we will have lunch out so we do not want to be picky by being on a diet….that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it.

What ever resolutions you make tonight I wish you all a very happy and fun filled evening. Happy New Year to you all, thank you all for reading and making my blog as popular as what it is, I will try to be better next year and hopefully gain new readers!

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