I am sure these two days go quicker than the five in the week!
I keep thinking about these poor people in Somerset and the floods it must be awful the fact of losing anything precious but then on top of that you have to wait till your house drys out before you can begin to repair and decorate again or even move back in. Let’s hope the insurance companies are on the ball.

20140202-114038 pm.jpg I have at last booked my tickets to see The Body Guard at the theatre up in London in April and I cannot wait, it is my favourite film of all time. I can remember when I first got the film and the CD and played them both during the songs, I guess to make it louder……not really sure why I did that lol. Must of been having my own little party.

My granddaughter told me about a new game for my iPad and how I should get it, well I wish she had never told me about it as I now want to throw the iPad. I am going to tell you what the game is and if you get more than two in your first three hours of playing……..I do not want to know! Flappy Bird.

20140202-113820 pm.jpg
The annual Verulam Get Writing Conference is being held at Hatfield the end of March. Verulam Writers’ Circle (VWC) is a not-for-profit organization that encourages and supports writers of all kinds, regardless of age or interest. They are very proud that 2014 is their 60th anniversary. The de Havilland Campus of the University of Hertfordshire where this is to be held is situated on St Albans Road West, Hatfield. I am going to attend this as everything about the day appears very good. I am now looking for a hotel there so if you know of one within walking distance please let me know or it will be down to Google. 😊

I hope some of you enjoyed the post I re-blogged from Pink Princess yesterday, what did you think of it?
It was written by my ten year old grandaughter, I keep asking her to give me one of her stories she has written for my blog but she is not forth coming.

Have a great week everyone xx

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