So today the 8th March is when we celebrate being a woman or should I say being a strong woman. Do we actually think we are strong? No one’s life is without upset, hurdles, worries, trauma and we all get through it the best way we can. We don’t stop and think I’m being really strong dealing with this!  I think it takes someone else to point out that you are strong and getting through what you are dealing with.

I thought I would think about the people I know, who I think are strong and what they are strong about.

My friend Jackie because she had cancer and recovered, I cannot imagine how people deal with this horrible condition as I am sure I would just crumble and be no use to myself or anybody.

My daughter Billie as she had an awful car accident where we thought we would lose her but she recovered because she had so much fight in her.

Sheree who I got to know at the wellbeing centre as she is always so positive and I am trying to take some of that from her because I used to be very negative.

My Nan, who not only took on looking after her daughter but me as well from the age of four, plus going back to work full time. I miss her so much.

The last one is my daughter-in-law Megan who not only deals with three children under six, including twins but does it on her own for half of the year as my son works away.

These are my strong women who actually deal with things that many deal with every day, we all have our own ideas about what makes you strong and we all deal with things in different ways.

Let us stick together and become stronger, as a team.

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